Clients working in the region and those considering market entry, acquisitions and investments, or hiring, need clear and actionable information to make appropriate decisions, which are often driven by local and international regulatory compliance. To support its clients’ decision-making requirements, Diligence offers business integrity including due diligence and investigative services provisionally or as part of long-term engagement, often bundled with our security, risk, and crisis consulting services. During the past decade, we have supported organisations operating, entering, and investing in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, as well as assisting them in complying with industry and local regulations and safeguarding their intellectual property.

Case Study

In a regional court, a US-based client was being sued for allegedly issuing a number of credits.  A third-party later claimed those credits. Our investigators provided the client’s legal team with evidence revealing that the claims against the client were fraudulent. Supporting the client’s legal team throughout the lawsuit, our investigators also discovered and presented evidence linking the plaintiffs with organized crime. The client won the lawsuit.  Subsequently, criminal charges were filed against a senior manager and external persons for collectively colluding against client.