Diligence consulting services, especially designed for emerging markets, focus on assessing and mitigating risks, developing and managing security and risk-related programs (personnel, process, technology), and preparing for and responding to crises across the region.

Aligned with our clients’ distinctive requirements, we develop our consulting services and offer them on a provisional, project, or retained basis. We also mentor our clients, preparing them to manage projects in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, as well as complying with local security and crisis management regulations across these often complex markets.

Diligence also provides support and project management of the security components of capital projects, ensuring investment in security and control systems are appropriate and cost-effective and those systems are fit for purpose, as well as installed and maintained professionally.

Case Study

An energy-industry client entering a new area of the Middle East engaged Diligence to identify and assess risks to which their project, from build to transfer, could be exposed. Following the assessment, Diligence designed and implemented measures that mitigated the risks, reducing them to an acceptable level. The assessment transitioned to continuous risk reporting and analysis that provided near real-time information to the project team leader and senior management based in Europe, enabling them to plan for contingencies and manage crises throughout the project lifecycle.