In Spring 2011, during the uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa, Diligence risk reporting enabled its clients with people, assets, and operations in the region to make informed, proactive decisions, ahead of their peers, about evacuations and “shut-downs.” Consequently, Diligence clients avoided most of the chaos that enveloped the areas where the uprisings took place.    

The Diligence Alerts system receives its information from our network of trusted local sources which has grown since early 2003. The system simultaneously broadcasts alerts via sms, Blackberry PIN, and email, quickly and effectively updating or clients during relevant crises.  With auditable, two-way communications and the ability to automatically link to a conference bridge, Diligence Alerts augments our country and regional risk reports, broadcasting near real-time alerts that inform our clients about a sudden incident or an emerging crisis that could expose their people and assets to risk or disrupt their operations.

Case Study

During the early stages of the revolutions in Libya and Egypt and unrest in Bahrain, we provided our EU and US-based clients with reports and alerts, enabling them to assess the “on-the-ground” situations and determine likely impact to their people, assets, and operations. Consequently, many of our clients were able to make proactive and well-informed decisions to evacuate their people from Egypt and Libya.  Having early access to readily actionable information enabled our clients’ to evacuate their people from Libya by commercial flights and to shut-down their operations Libyan airspace closed. The Diligence Alerts system broadcasted near-real time advisories about local risks and instructions tailored to support the evacuation of our clients’ people.